You'll notice the menu at the bottom we will get into this later.

The first order of business is registering a new user
You'll get here by clicking the register button in the menu.
It will ask for a couple details the main things being the email address:

The password you ask? well you don't get to set that until after you check your email:

This is the email that is sent out it should look something like this:

By verifying the email address you are then considered the owner and therefore
able to set the password for the account :

Finally the password is set. I'll have to make a note to myself that
I should have something linking back to the previous page.

Congratulations the user and password have been set up!!!

Okay back to that menu-- we need to login afterall!

Simply type in the display name or email and password.

This is the image viewer:

when you hover over the image you get this:

when you hover over the box that shows the name/desc you get this!

this is a functioning button that will "lick" the comic! (It is like liking things on Facebook!)
While creating this tour I decided to tweak the transparency so that it would be completely solid
when you hover over the box. I felt this cleaned the appearance some.

comments and licks are obtained dynamically from the database.

an example of a comment:

when you click add comment you can add a comment right on the page:

Artists from the website are able to upload images
add descriptions to the images, change the date:

If you aren't an artist then you don't have permission to post images.

Later I will do this check on the upload page. Maybe even remove it from the menu.
This is the error that gets generated and sent to me when someone tries to upload:

I did it this way so that I would know who was interested in having an account that could upload.

Users show up in the database like this:

user pages get the images dynamically from database.
artists are able to tag their work with @text :

This is the code to load content (menus, comments, login boxes) interactively:

If you didn't get everything right with your account you are able to edit some fields.
There currently is no way to change the email.